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Pi Assets

Reliable and accurate data is our most valuable asset. We are commited to delivering first class and standardized market data to our clients that include price index, intellectual properties, company profiles, agency profiles, etc.

Company Data

Our company data set includes; pharmaceuticals manufacturers, traders, wholesalers, and intellectual properties holders.

Drugs Data

Our phramactuicals drug data set includes; pharmaceuticals packaging, parental products, presentation units, molecular structure, route of administration, administrative devices, and dosage forms.

Governmental Authority Data

Our governmental authority data includes, authoity bodies and their information, location, scope of work, recent submission and registrations, list of registered drugs, prices index, drug formulary 

Intellectual Property Data

Our intellectual property data set includes; patent submission, patent number, authority, estimated expiry date, applicant, patent subject, priorities, and related patents

Regulatory Data

Our regulatory drug data set includes; aprroved products, postponed products, product submission, status, events, and prices

  • > 90,000

    Intellectual Property: Patent & Patent Applications
  • > 30,000

    Marketing Authorizations
  • > 10,000

    Standardized Drugs data
  • > 3,000

    Pharmaceuticals Players Profiles

Our solutions will be ready starting 2020. We are committed to make our data assets accessible to our clients to help them in addressing the industry challenges. Pi is also committed to provide a state of the art solutions that will leverage the advancement in the technology and enabling digital transformation to the benefit of our clients.

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